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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I ran 12.25 km today under overcast skies, a temperature of about 12 degrees C., with light winds. I think I intended to do some fartlek work but ended up sprinting only a couple of times for short distances. It ended up being more of a tempo/steady run, taking me 1:19.35. There are a couple of hills on the route I took, with the first climb being over the first 3.5 km from an elevation of 106 m to 140 m. The route I took takes me past the hospital, around the airport, then back home again. After the airport, the route descends gradually over 4.5 km, with a steep ascent over 0.5 km from 106m to 130m. That was the toughest part, being at the end of my run when I was tired. But I can say I did it, running all the way, and finished standing up!

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