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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Niagara 1/2

me with a few of my running buddies and John Stanton of the Running Room, at the pre-race expo on Saturday
my son and I, on the eve of the race

I'm resting this week -- well, mostly, I am. (That is what I'm told is the best thing to do after a big race like Niagara was for me.) Then next week, I'll do some hills and speed work before I have a week of acclimatization to the altitude in Ethiopia before the actual race in Addis.

crossing the finish line -- WOO HOO!!

I finally hear my name being called...

I did great in Niagara, getting a personal best time of 2:12:15.1 (chip time). I had a bit of difficulty after with my breathing (I'm blaming it on the cold I got after the Scotia), but it scared the bejeesus out of my poor son, who turned around to find me in what he thought was a "change tent" (he had never attended a race before) with an oxygen mask clapped onto my face.

My running buddies who knew better -- seeing the big grin on my face -- immediately accused me of doing ANYTHING to get to sit on a cot surrounded by good looking ambulance attendants! Well, DUH!! The EMS guys WERE way better looking than most of my running buddies....A couple cups of coffee later, I felt much better, even if I was a bit blue around the gills for a while after.
my wonderful and crazy 1/2 marathon gang from the Whitby Running Room, showing off our finisher's medals with the Horseshoe Falls in the background

At the top of the trolley ride above the falls on our way back to our hotel, the wind nearly blew us all away. My son grabbed me when the wind filled up my warming blanket so I looked like a silver balloon about to blow off into the sky, and all I could do was laugh so hysterically that I nearly peed myself! Thank goodness the wind and rain and lightning and thunder and hail held off until AFTER the race! My poor son, however, may never have the courage to come see me run a race again!

I sent the photos my son took in 5-part emails to our running gang. Davey G. wrote back wondering why no "part 6" of the partying that evening (he and my son had to leave that Sunday afternoon, while the rest of us stayed one more night in Niagara): was it censored or was I too impaired to take more pictures. Huh! As if!!

Anyhow, I was so proud of myself I wore my finisher's medal to work on Monday. I did! And the shirt we got, as well! So there!

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