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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

resting on my laurels

I'm being very good. I'm resting (not an easy thing for someone who feels guilty about everything, "parce que j'ai l'habitude", especially resting.)

La confession - Lhasa De Sela

I have been tired this week, thus far. However, that may have more to do with my othr scheduled appointments and work commitments. I am also taking the time to enjoy the sharing of photos taken by our families and friends during our race weekend in Niagara Falls, as well as catching up with the news of my running buddies who participated in other races at other locales this past weekend.

After my chiropractor's appointment yesterday morning, it seemed like my aches and pains were awakened rather than soothed, leaving me rather cross by the time I fell into bed when I got home from work. That should pass. Yoga stretches and the excercises Andrew recommended are a part of my every day this week.

The plan is to think of maintaining the level of performance my body has reached as an athlete, maintaining my level of fitness through a maintenance program while I contemplate my next goal, the 10 km international Great Ethiopian Run, November 23, 2008.

It is suggested that half marathon runners can schedule a long run of 12 km (7.5 mi.) to maintain their endurance. The half marathon runner on the off weekends can schedule in some 10 K races to work on strength, speed and self-confidence to run. By giving myself adequate recovery from my race—experts recommend two weeks for a 10 K race, three weeks for a half marathon and four weeks for a marathon—before I race any distance or do any high-quality running, I plan to avoid the hazards of over-training and damaging fatigue.

I will run this week, but only “massage type” running to loosen the legs, the distances yet to be decided. Next week, I am searching for some fun hills to lessen my anxiety about the hills in Addis. Then, I will already be in Ethiopia during the week prior to the race and have the opportunity to become more acclimatized to the altitude!

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