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Friday, November 7, 2008


I had a late appointment with the chiropractor this afternoon. The taxi driver from Brooklin to Whitby was an Acadian man and me wondering how brave I could be with my French distracted me so that I left my running gloves in the cab. Some of my usual running gang had opted for an earlier and longer run. The handful of us that had come out for this later run in the dark were initially thinking 10 km or so, but Davey G. in his wisdom suggested that a shorter run was in order, for at least two reasons: most of us had done the Niagara 1/2, some had done some speed work the night before, and I was quite sore from the chiropractor's treatment on my IT band.

We agreed to Davey's plan and before we knew it we were nearly half-way and realized that we had run it without doing our usual 10's and 1's, ie. 10 min running, 1 minute walking, which seemed to feel just fine!

And I was also happy to suffer through some ab work with Davey, who believes that a strong core will improve our endurance and our times in the longer races to come.

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