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Saturday, November 29, 2008 that I'm back

Now that I'm back, I don't even know where to begin in recounting my experiences in Ethiopia. Each trip I make is different but many elements are the same.

I've said it before. Travel to another place puts things into a perspective that you don't take the time to notice sometimes, in the everyday routine of your life. You don't see the things around you that are beautiful, joyful, funny or terrible, sad, and ugly. You just go through your day, putting things behind wall, into compartments, trying to survive, forgetting to take the time to notice, to be mindful, to truly live your life fully. It is sometimes through travel that the different frame of a different place puts things before your attention that you must notice. It's a challenge, but that must be one of the reasons people travel.

Coming home after a while away, gives you that same perspective, however briefly. You are glad to be home. You notice the big skies. And then you notice the snow covered fields, forests and lakes the plane flies over on it's approach to Toronto, and then the architectural marvels of the complex overpasses of the highways near the airport...At home you appreciate the fact that you made your bed (I do that once in a while!) before you left home and it's good to be home. And you notice that things work: electricity, there is hot water, the toilet flushes...Little things that can be so difficult when in many other countries. You even notice the way you wash your hands is different. And you love the fact that there is some bread in the freezer and your little toaster is so smart and efficient!!

All this is to say, that as I have time, I will talk here about the trip I made to participate in the Great Ethiopian Run in Ethiopia and I will talk about some difficult things. But the reason I want to talk about them must be very clear. I simply want people to notice, to be aware and to believe as I do in a vision that can bring people together. It would be too easy for people to see what I have seen and judge, criticize and tear down. I hope that will not happen, therefore the song.

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