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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Troubled Sunday morning dreams, perhaps because hot flashes woke me before the alarm went off and I had a big breakfast at 5:00 am, going back to bed to continue fretting about everything I need to remember to have ready for my upcoming trip to Ethiopia. I dreamed about transport trucks going off the road one after the other in front of me. I dreamed about having minutes to solve the problem of Phyllis Diller hair before having to go to work. I dreamed that my ex-husband (someone I always considered to be an excellent driver not liable to do this) driving a motorhome out of a parking lot, kept repeatedly and carelessly backing into parked cars, acting almost as if the motorhome was a tank!

Just after the alarm went again, the phone rang and my running buddy Jim was asking if I needed a ride this morning.

It was cold and grey and there was a wind with a bite in it. I'm running sans gloves, remember, having lost the second pair I had bought already! (I'm resisting putting on my reallyreallyreally warm fleece mitts until it's minus 20 degrees in January) I pulled the long sleeves of my shirt over my hands, but I'm thinking that long gloves right to the elbow, might be more comfortable. In fact, later at the Second Cup on the corner, I commented to Candace that it would be fun to bug Mary, who despises girly-girls and anything pretty, by wearing long pink satin gloves with lots of sequins sometime...

There are several new people who have joined this 1/2 marathon clinic that I want to get to know. Isn't it fun? You never know how interesting people can be -- or not! until you talk to them!

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After the run, I headed to Toronto to have dinner with my Amharic tutor, his wife and step-daughter. I had a marvelous time, catching the absolutely very last train home!

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