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Sunday, November 2, 2008


I am tired. Terrible shifts at my paying job where we are short-staffed, still being tired from the race last weekend, plus my body trying to heal, I guess from the strain I am experiencing in my IT band and glutes on the right side, have me wondering how the run will go today.

And idiotically, even though I kept reminding myself at work last night to set the clocks back when I got home, I completely forgot. This morning I'm at the Running Room wondering where the hell everybody is, when I realize about the clocks! duh...At least I'm not the only one, finding at least one other fellow in running togs at the coffee shop on the corner with an hour to while away until 8:30 am. I enjoy my time perusing a new artists/writers paper called "surfacing". It has me thinking maybe I should renew my membership in the Durham writers' association. I had let it lapse during the years I spent living way out in the country.

However, about my run, my chiropractor said as long as I don't experience any stabbing pain in that right knee I can run. I wonder how relative one's experience of pain is. I mean, I'm a self-confessed wimp about pain, but is my perception of stabbing pain the same as somebody else's? Oh well. Who cares. I think I am comfortable enough to run.

We start off r-r-e-a- l -l -l - y slowly. This is not fun. I never like the first 5-6 km. I'm out of breath. I can hardly talk. And anybody who knows me, knows this lady likes to talk. But by the time we are at Rossland, I'm feeling better. By the time we reach Taunton, I'm in that happy groove again, which I love!

Turning towards home at Garrard and Taunton, we meet Henry. Now, Henry normally runs far too fast for me. But we happily chat away, the kilometres slip by, and only occasionally do I have to tell Henry that since I can hardly gasp for breath AND talk, we are going too fast. He kindly slows down.

It's a great run for me. I'm ecstatic. I feel good. And I faithfully stretch in the warmth of the store afterwards, before we head to the corner coffee shop for our compulsory cup of coffee.

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