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Friday, December 26, 2008

the stars

Here is a lovely story Dr. Arvid sent me.

To end my note I need to tell you a short story that pastor Turneh
Woldeselassie shared in the surmon on Sabbath in Addis Abeba. He just finished 4
weeks of meetings and 23 people were baptized. They have started to translate
the surmons into English because there are so many members from other African
countries that need it. Pastor Turneh felt it a little difficult to av an
'interruptor' as they somethime call a interpreter. So he told the following
story. 'In olden days many missionaries came from abroad to preach the gospel in
Ethiopia. (Now they need missionaries from us in Europe and America, he said)
But one time there was an American missionary. The Ethiopian translator was not
so very well versed in English and struggled some. After a while the missionary
started to preach about stars. And when he mentioned gallaxies and stuff, the
translator got lost. So he said to the congregation: Now the missionary has gone
to heaven, but if you just sit quietly and patiently and wait, I will tell you
what he has said when he returns to earth.' We all had a good laugh.

How lovely it would be if we could, in a matter of fact way, believe that the preacher had really gone to heaven for a while...I'm just thinking.

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