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Saturday, January 24, 2009

last day traffic

Strange bird noises woke me again on my last day in Ethiopia, like they had when we were in Bahar Dar. Awasa is a lovely city by another lake, south of Addis. All sorts of birdlife are attracted to the waters of Lake Awasa, kingfishers, storks, crakes, darters, plovers, and herons. In the tops of the thorny acacia trees, the marabou storks ignore the traffic below.

We drove to Lake Langano, but it was not possible to swim today because the waters were quite green with algae. The traffic of livestock being brought to the water to drink and bathe may have had something to do with it. Such traffic can only have a huge inpact on the amount of nitrogen in the water!

Back in Addis, here's another interesting sight we saw, not one, but two trucks, precariously loaded like this:

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