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Monday, March 30, 2009

the mind

You can buy the bumper sticker, or you can buy the t-shirt.

At the expo prior to my most recent race, Around the Bay, in Hamilton, Ontario, it was possible to buy all sorts of running-related gear.

This was on one such bumper sticker:

Running is a mental game and that's why we are all insane.

The race was very well organized, and despite the rain, there were people all along the route cheering us on. Fewer fans than on sunnier races of the past, but for my first attempt, I appreciated those that stood out in the rain!

Along the way, the distance markers all had some sort of inspiring quote on them too, some more inspiring than others. For example, "no pain no gain" does not inspire me. Does it inspire you?

So I started thinking. I would love to hear from anybody what quotes have been the most inspiring to you in your endeavors?