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Saturday, October 17, 2009


The day before yesterday, I nervously hied myself off to have an arthroscopic procedure done on my knee. Dr. F. says he cleaned up some arthritic changes in my knee and repaired a torn medial meniscus. I should be able to resume my running in two weeks.

A little knowledge is dangerous thing, as they say. Being a nurse, I know a little about the risks of these procedures, anaesthetics, etc., which didn't help me one bit!

Thank God for the familiar faces of nurses I have worked with over the years, friendly professionals whom I trusted and made me feel so much more at ease!

While the anaesthesiologist was reviewing my medical history, Dr. F. made me smile by interrupting and declaring that I'm very healthy, an athlete who runs marathons!

"Not lately!" I said, acutely feeling the lack of running in my life over the past summer.

Well, this surgery is in the hopes of fixing that problem, getting me back out there. After all, I've spent weeks this summer on my back, laid up with a broken toe as well, with nothing but my books, television and magazines on running for company. Those running magazines were my best inspiration!

In those running magazines, I read about races all over the world that would be challenging and fun. I read about ways to be stronger, faster, healthier.

I started day-dreaming about the next race I want to run as soon as I'm better. I laid out new training-regimen after training-regimen for myself.

As soon as my broken toe had healed enough, I headed out on my first run of a new training schedule...only to be stopped by the old problems in my knee.

Ah well. It's all a journey, isn't it. I have no idea how this will end, but this is my journey. I love running and I hope I'll be out there running soon. I hope I'll get strong again, strong enough to start entering some of those races I've dreamed about. And strong enough to do something in my own way for the Ethiopia that I love.

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